About Chomputations

Chomputations are timed skills evaluations that are given to all students at South Creek Elementary. Each student has one minute to complete a set number of problems based on a given level of testing. The student must pass the current level before moving on to the next.

This application was developed to help your South Creek student practice and prepare for their Chomputations by allowing the parent to select the student's current level, and an amount of time that the student can practice the problems for that level. To ensure that your student will be ready for the actual Chomputation evaluation, they should be able to answer 20 or more probelms from their current level in the span of one minute.

The Chomputation program was developed by a South Creek parent whose student was struggling with learning their current Chomputation level. Making this application available on the computer, and via a mobile device kept the child more focused and interested than normal flash card and paper practice. We hope your student enjoys the practice application, and is encouraged by the results that they see!